Jody Sullivan

for Town Supervisor

“I want to continue serving the town I love by offering my experience and record of responsible governance. I care deeply for the future of Pound Ridge and am always aware of and concerned with how our taxes are raised and used. I am absolutely in favor of progress and improvements, but will always be sure programs and projects are done by following proper procedures and within reasonable budgets. As we speak, people are moving to Pound Ridge for the reasons many of us did in the past: the beautiful landscape, proximity to NYC, good schools, property size and low taxes (when compared with our neighbors) We can and should keep it that way. I want to reinvigorate the spirit of volunteerism in this town, especially with our newer residents. Pound Ridge has been built on it and we are in need of new ones. Ideas that go hand in hand with that initiative are: putting ‘public feedback’ on the TB monthly agenda, reviving the TB newsletter, ‘Volunteer of the Month’ awards, ‘Adopt a Senior,’ and a Winter Fest/Carnival here in February (small town version of Quebec’s).”

For her 43 years in Pound Ridge, involvement and volunteerism have been Mrs. Sullivan’s mantra. Among her many activities are the Hiram Halle Library Board, the Pound Ridge swim team, 18 years on the Pound Ridge ambulance corps, an active OEM volunteer, Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer, a current member of NEW DAA (North East Westchester Domestic Abuse Alliance) and New Dawn – and of course as councilwoman on the Pound Ridge Town Board.