Not a politican, running for supervisor for all the right reasons

To the Editor:

Tip O'Neill has been famously credited with the phrase "all politics is local" but it's never been less true. We're consumed with the national political scene, where everything seems broken and divided, but it's not true in our little town. This year, it would be all too easy to vote the party line, to send a message about how we feel about Washington, D.C., or Albany, health care or North Korea. That would he a mistake.

Pound Ridge has historically elected town leaders without regard to party affiliation. Our elected officials are our friends and neighbors, people we trust to make the best decisions for our community. Decisions we face don't have to carry the weight of ideology, but of practicality and usefulness.

I've lived the best part of my life in Pound Ridge; my kids were born and raised here. We own a practice in Scotts Corners and are members of the Pound Ridge Business Association. I care about the town, and want to see good people in town government, folks with practical experience, sound judgment and a commitment to the town and our collective future.

I've known Pete Marchetti since our sons were students at Pound Ridge Elementary School. He's smart, thoughtful and broadly experienced, and his integrity is unquestioned. His background as an engineer has prepared him to uniquely understand many of the issues the town board wrestles with, from both a technical and practical perspective.

Pete's not a politician — he's running for all the right reasons. He cares about the town. He plays well with others. He'd be an excellent choice for Pound Ridge.

I may be a lifelong Democrat, but I'll feel true to my ideals when I mark my ballot for Mr. Marchetti for the Town Board.

Douglas Aspros, Pound Ridge

Reasons to elect Pete Marchetti: excellent engineer, not a politician

To the Editor:

There are three reasons why Pete Marchetti should be elected to the Pound Ridge Town Board. First, he is an excellent engineer who knows how things work and how they should work. Second, he cares deeply about doing the right thing for our community and our citizens. That means good necessary regulations and no unnecessary or bad ones. Third, he is not a politician. Enough said.

James Stewart, Pound Ridge

Will bring common sense back to town rules and regulations

To the Editor:

I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I do vote at the Pound Ridge Town House at every election. I vote for the candidate that will serve our community with common sense and integrity. For Pound Ridge Town Council, I will be voting for Peter Marchetti. Pete is refreshingly not a politician. He is a local family man and businessman exuding both common sense and integrity.

To preserve the natural beauty of northern Westchester we all must believe in protecting the environment. As a gifted civil engineer, Mr. Marchetti also believes in protecting the environment. However, overregulation is crippling local businesses and costing homeowners too much money. I live this on a day-to-day basis as a local builder and as the owner of a company specializing in reducing the carbon footprint of residential buildings. Does it make sense to anybody that you need Water Control Commission approval for an interior renovation of a home that is within 150 feet of a wetlands? Should town commissions have the right to tell homeowners to spend an extra $20,000 or $30,000 on landscaping because they "feel" it "looks good?" Shouldn't Pound Ridge residents expect that the zoning board and planning board have regulations that do not conflict with each other? The list goes on and on, and all require homeowner paid fees to the town, surveyors, engineers, architects and other professionals. Pete will address these issues and others, and bring some common sense back to the rules and regulations of Pound Ridge.

Peter and I have been friends and business associates for over 20 years. Please join me in voting for Mr. Marchetti for Pound Ridge Town Council. He is a man of great integrity, common sense and an advocate for our beautiful community.

Kevin Brenner, Pound Ridge

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