For 42 years, nothing but unconditional support and friendship

To the Editor:

I was a troubled teen. I had no real father figure in my life and my mother, a cocktail waitress, was never around. As a result, I found myself in a world of trouble. At 16 years of age I found trouble with drugs, trouble with the law and my girlfriend (my wife Lisa of 41 years) was pregnant. Having family in Pound Ridge, I dropped out of high school and started my full-time career at the market. Faced with some real life challenges I looked for support from those whom I trusted; those who were nonjudgmental and those who would give me some honest advice. I met Dick Lyman in 1975 and for 42 years he's given me and my family nothing but unconditional support. Personal or business, Dick has always given us solid advice and has helped us through some tough times.

Dick is honest, full of integrity and not afraid to speak his mind. He's a fighter who works hard for what he believes and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. Dick's a "hands-on" leader. Whether trimming branches away from the "Welcome to Scotts Corners" signs for the Pound Ridge Business Association or helping the Pound Ridge Car Show Committee stuff the goodie bags for the car show, he's always there to lend a hand.

Little things mean a lot to Dick, but there is no one better suited to take on the much bigger challenges of Pound Ridge — especially Scotts Corners. His track record speaks for itself. Dick cares about Pound Ridge and is a mentor that I can relate to wholeheartedly. I've been called "Mr. Pound Ridge" and have always said; "No one loves Pound Ridge more than I do." Well, I might just be wrong about that — Mr. Lyman loves Pound Ridge more than anyone I know. Richard, thanks for your friendship and support.

Billy Fortin, Pound Ridge

Supervisor is dedicated, extremely thoughtful about Pound Ridge

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my strong support for Dick Lyman for Pound Ridge Town Supervisor. Over the past eight-plus years of knowing Dick, I can assure our residents that Dick is dedicated and extremely thoughtful about our town. He is truly one of the hardest working people I have ever known. Not only does he supervise the day-to-day business of the Town, he also finds time to coordinate and promote a "sharing services" program with neighboring towns. He was instrumental in creating the Northern Westchester Center for Victims of Domestic Violence. He has and continues to work diligently as a member of the Wastewater Task Force to find solutions to our business district. Prior to holding his position as Town Supervisor, he was a member of the Town Board and Highway Department Supervisor. These are just a few of his accomplishments.

Dick's experience and knowledge of the inner workings of our Town should not go unnoticed. After years of service, Dick's insight is invaluable. I have worked with Dick on a few projects and spent many hours over the years with him, discussing our town, and I can assure you that Dick is a tremendous asset.

Mr. Lyman is genuine, friendly and very approachable. He is very well-respected by town employees and neighboring town officials. Dick is always present. You can find him working at the Town House, directing traffic for a local events like the Car Show or the Harvest Festival or my favorite, throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day of BPR Baseball.

Dick has worked very hard to keep our taxes low. He is fiscally conservative but not unrealistic about the need to spend to update systems and services. He also has a deep concern for the older folks in town who live on a fixed income.

With the help of Bonnie Schwartz, the town has been running very well and looking better every year. I know Peter Marchetti will also be a great team player and big contributor. Lets keep things going in the right direction and vote for Mr. Lyman.

Mark Mosolino, Pound Ridge

Dedicated decades to make certain town retains its integrity

To the Editor:

My wife and I have lived in Pound Ridge for almost 40 years. We raised our sons here, restored an old Basket Shop, and truly hope that we can remain here for many years to come to enjoy all that Pound Ridge has to offer.

We love this town and over those 40 years have watched it grow and progress in some ways, yet stay the same in others.

Our town is more vibrant and enthusiastic regarding town matters now. It’s more environmentally friendly, and it’s filled with many more active, energetic young families than were here when we migrated from New York City. They are more visible and seem to use the town and its resources more now than in the past. Pound Ridge has grown yet still remains charmingly quaint. The town protects its bucolic nature, its privacy, values its unpretentious citizens and encourages the kindness and helpfulness of the people who live and work here.

Dick Lyman is one of those people.

We met him over 30 years ago when our sons played little league baseball together. Dick is town born, a home grown resident who also raised his family here and has dedicated much of his life to making certain that the town retains its integrity while still meeting the needs of the 21st century. Dick, having worked in the local government for over 30 years, intimately knows its idiosyncrasies and machinations, its infrastructure and has the finesse and the temperament to make sure that compromise is a key ingredient to meet its citizens priorities. He knows the people of Pound Ridge and what is important to them. He knows its potential, its priorities and also its realities. He is a pragmatic, hands on problem solver. He knows that there is nothing more important than a thriving town, one that matches the needs of its citizens with its business community, the security of its children and residents with its civic responsibilities and the accountability of its elected leaders. Dick has enabled our town to maintain its beauty and pristine environment with safety and security where we can see our children grow up, happy, healthy, respecting and enjoying nature and the community.

Dick Lyman is a dedicated public servant in the truest meaning of the phrase, who has helped to secure this present state of “wonderfulness” of Pound Ridge especially over the last four years that he has been supervisor. He has been a positive force, showing great leadership skills resulting in significant progress for Pound Ridge.

With the current state of chaos and confrontation on the national and world stage, I humbly believe that making Pound Ridge more red or more blue would not be in our town’s best interests. More divisiveness right here at home is not the answer, something Pound Ridge has always offered an antidote for. Actually, I think we should preserve and protect the present color of our cherished little town, the color green, and elect Dick Lyman, Town Supervisor to keep it that way.

Joe and Peggy Seton, Pound Ridge

Consistent efforts have kept Pound Ridge special place it is

To the Editor:

I have lived in Pound Ridge for almost 50 years. I have served the town for the past 29 years as Planning Board chairman, a town councilman, deputy town supervisor, town supervisor and am currently the executive director of the Town's Office of Emergency Management. The quality of life that we enjoy in Pound Ridge is a direct result of the clear thinking of our town leaders, focusing their attention on the policies that must be maintained and issues that need to be addressed.

Providing only essential paid services, with the extensive social services we have provided by volunteers, has been the successful Pound Ridge formula. Dick Lyman has been an active participant in the town's success for his 40-plus years of community service. A lifelong Pound Ridge resident, Dick's achievements are documented by his service in the Police Department, Fire Department, Garden Club, Highway Department, as Zoning Board chairman, a town councilman, OEM liaison and town supervisor. During my administration Dick was the "go-to" guy for getting things done, which he always did within the parameters of our Pound Ridge goals: "keeping taxes low, protecting the environment and promoting volunteerism." And, he has continued to promote those principles in his first two terms as our town supervisor. In this current term, Dick has helped to advance two other important community issues: the transformation of the old Trinity Corners Shopping Center to Pound Ridge Square, resulting in keeping and reenergizing Scotts Corner Market into the spectacular Market at Pound Ridge Square, and the creation of a Northern Westchester Center for Victims of Domestic Violence. Dick's consistent efforts on our behalf have kept Pound Ridge the special place that it is.

Please support the reelection of Mr. Lyman as our town supervisor as well as his running mates, Bonnie Schwartz and Peter Marchetti for Town Board, and Debbie Damascus for Receiver of Taxes. The future of our town depends on it.

Gary Warshauer, Pound Ridge

Experience and a history of proven results

To the Editor:

Dick Lyman stands out. Yes, he's quite tall and his mustache is one of a kind, but he's noticeable because he's everywhere. Drive by any event in town and you'll always find Dick orchestrating, helping or even out front directing traffic. Mr. Lyman has devoted the better part of his life to Pound Ridge, and his most recent accomplishment, coordinating across municipalities to launch a new domestic violence victim support program, demonstrates his leadership and ability to execute. It makes us proud to call him supervisor. A check of the data at shows that in the five-year period from 2012 to 2016 there have been 44 reported domestic violence victims just in Pound Ridge. That number is startling. Domestic violence isn't just an NFL issue. It Could he impacting someone we know in Pound Ridge, and Mr. Lyman has led the charge to aid the victims.

Bonnie Schwartz is a similar town steward, and she has proven her ability to save taxpayers money (example: increasing revenues via sponsorships at the annual 5K race, charging out-of-towners at the July Fourth fireworks, reducing energy bills at the Town House and Conant Hall). Bonnie's commitment to community service is unparalleled (Lions Club President, OEM volunteer, Recreation Department volunteer, etc.), and this provides her with an intimate knowledge of Pound Ridge — specifically, the people, its history, how things work and how to get things done.

Pete Marchetti and Debbie Damascus have longstanding track records of town service as well. Each bring decades of experience, respectively, in the fields of professional engineering (specifically, Pound Ridge regulations) and town assessment/tax collection.

On Nov. 7, we urge everyone to vote for Mr. Lyman, Ms. Schwartz, Mr. Marchetti and Ms. Damascus — those with the experience and a history of proven results.

John and Amy Broghammer, Pound Ridge

Candidates revealed ignorance on issue

To the Editor:

At the Pound Ridge "Meet Your Candidates" night, as I listened to the candidates, I realized that of the three people hoping to unseat the incumbents, only one — Pete Marchetti, who serves on the Water Control Commission — has a history of volunteerism and community service. The other two candidates, Kevin Hansan and Diane Briggs, said they have been too busy to serve on a committee or attend town board meetings.

On issue after issue, Mr. Hansan and Ms. Briggs revealed their ignorance. They questioned why the wastewater problem has not been solved. Dick Lyman and Mr. Marchetti answered in detail. Why are there so many vacant stores in the business district? Why don't we have "pop-up" businesses to fill the void? Bonnie Schwartz explained the board's job of protecting the rights of the property owners. Ms. Briggs suggested supplying housing to encourage volunteerism, but she did not specify how the town would pay for it. (She also confused the hamlet with the business district.) Had Mr. Hansan and Ms. Briggs ever been involved in the town, they would realize that these problems have not been ignored, but the solutions are not easy.

As a 39-year resident of Pound Ridge who served the town for 29 years, I feel qualified to speak to these issues. We came to Pound Ridge because we liked the rural character and low taxes, a town void of heavy traffic and stop lights, and for the small, open government that works hard to keep it that way. On Nov. 7, join me in electing the team that has proven their commitment to environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility and preserving our rural character: Mr. Lyman for supervisor, Ms. Schwartz and Mr. Marchetti for town council, and Debbie Damascus for receiver of taxes.

Virginia Bulzacchelli, Pound Ridge

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