Bonnie Schwartz Boasts Fiscal Cognizance & Tireless Dedication

I am writing to support the reelection of Bonnie Schwartz for Pound Ridge Town Councilwoman. We first met about 15 years ago when our daughters began kindergarten at PRES and volunteered for PTA/classroom projects. Bonnie’s ability to foster cooperation and motivate people was immediately evident. Years later, when she volunteered as assistant coach of our daughters’ softball team, these talents were on display again. We have worked together organizing social events and philanthropic endeavors, benefiting Pound Ridge families experiencing difficult circumstances. In every instance, Bonnie exhibited exceptional leadership and organizational skills.

The outcome invariably improves with Bonnie involved. Always fiscally prudent, she is adept at finding simple solutions for the issue at hand. As councilwoman, she implemented the installation of automatic thermostats in both the Town Hall and Conant Hall to reduce fuel/electricity costs. Additionally, Bonnie enacted the policy of charging out-of-town attendees to defray the expenses of the July 4th fireworks show.

Bonnie’s tireless commitment to Pound Ridge is reflected in the numerous town organizations to which she volunteers her time. During the last 8 years she has actively volunteered for the Lions Club serving as the organization’s president for the last five years. She’s been involved in the town’s Office of Emergency Management since 2007, our Recreation Department since 1999. The list of beneficiaries of her selfless efforts is endless.

Bonnie loves our town, so appreciative of its many wonderful qualities. She has been advocating patronage of our shops here long before “buying local” became a movement. She is “Ms. Pound Ridge” and can always be spotted in Scotts Corners or jogging through one of our neighborhoods. The sight of her joyfully figure skating on the Town Park pond without another soul in sight, as I drove by one cold winter night, is permanently etched in my memory.

On November 7, please join me in voting for Bonnie Schwartz and her team of Lyman-Marchetti-Damascus.

Camille Prisco, Pound Ridge

She loves Pound Ridge and wants to share love with everyone

To the Editor:

It's no secret that Bonnie Schwartz is my friend. You can see us together on the bike path to town or gabbing in the aisles of the Market. Bonnie and I discuss many things. I have begun to realize that most of our chatting involves how to fully enjoy Pound Ridge. She keeps me abreast of important events in town like the 9/11 ceremony and events at the town pool. She isn't doing this because of her current position as town councilwoman. She has always done this and will always do this. She wants everyone to get the full Pound Ridge experience. And its not just "her" Pound Ridge. She is just as enthusiastic about the road race as she is about senior citizen lunches. She knows the whole range of Pound Ridge and champions all of it. This is expressed in her hard work in so many levels of town government and volunteerism in town.

If you haven't met Bonnie, just say hello to her; she is never at a loss for words, even while handing out supplies during storm emergencies. She can't help herself. She loves Pound Ridge and wants to share that with everyone. Lucky for us she has intelligence and experience and is willing to do that for another term. Vote for Bonnie.

Evelyn Carmichael, Pound Ridge

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